„Balionų šalis“ - “Balloon Land”

We are a young company with 15 years experience, the roots of which originate in Lithuania, a EU member state.
Representing the strongest trade marks in the world, QUALATEX and AMSCAN (Anagram), we are a leading company in the field of festive accessories and balloon decorations in the Lithuanian market. We operate seven Balionų Šalis shops selling festive accessories and balloons in Lithuania’s biggest cities as well as collaborate with over 30 partners within Lithuania. Our company employs 70 people, the majority of them communicate with customers on a daily basis, which enabled us to learn their needs, habits and attitudes.

Long-standing experience and the everyday aspiration to stay close to the customer both in retail and wholesale compelled us to be more creative, think and contemplate how to increase sales, attract and catch the interest of customers. Our solution which has already paid 100 per cent for itself is “Do it yourself” balloons kits.

We bring to your attention two lines of “Do it yourself” balloon kits, the “Amateur line” and “Professional line”. In these kits we have exclusively quality Qualatex balloons made in USA or Canada and Gemar balloons made in Italy. Latex balloons are manufactured from natural latex, which is obtained from rubber-trees. Latex balloons, when exposed to the sun and air decompose in nature during the same length of time as an oak leaf. We use foil balloons from the Amscan (Anagram) or Qualatex manufacturers only. Premium quality balloons allow us to ensure the highest quality of kits for sale and customer satisfaction after purchase of these products.

Lithuania is located in the geographical centre of Europe; therefore we can quickly and efficiently serve our clients in all of Europe. We collaborate with excellent logistics partners, who will deliver the goods to our door in several days.

We are flexible, open to innovations, accepting challenges, therefore we believe that we may be of service to you.
On behalf of „Balionų šalis“ - “Balloon land”

Tomas Šiuipys
Company owner and director

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